JANUARY 2025: Landscape Artist of the Year Wildcard

JANUARY 2025: Landscape Artist of the Year Wildcard

 In June 2024 I took part in Sky Arts 'Landscape Artist of the Year' competition as a wildcard artist. What fun! The day started very early as we assembled to find out our location and to choose the view we'd like to paint. We recorded some entrance shots for the TV show, and then set-up ready to start! 

We were based at St Pancras Basin, London for the day and the weather was fairly good (but a bit windy!) It was a fantastic atmosphere with an amazing camaraderie from the other participating artists. it was more challenging than I anticipated to paint outdoors and to paint a subject I'm not familiar (or comfortable!) with, but what a great opportunity and experience to go behind the scenes on a TV programme that I love to watch!

The series will air early 2025 - I'll share more information when I can! For now, here are a few pictures I'm allowed to share! 






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