• MAY 2021: Spring Bounce Exhibition @ Nude Tin Can Gallery

    My striking 'Flower Power' painting will be shown as part of the 'Spring Bounce' exhibition at Nude Tin Can Gallery.
  • MARCH 2021: Local Press feature in my Manchester hometown

    What a great opportunity to feature in local community press from my hometown of Manchester talking about how the Covid pandemic presented opportunities too good to ignore!
  • MARCH 2021: Big Makers Fair, Herts Visual Arts

    I'm taking part in the Big Makers Fair, an online exhibition of local artists, from all disciplines. It runs throughout March with three live virtual events on the 19th, 20th and 21st of March.
  • DECEMBER 2020: Local Press Feature - 'Business ideas brought to life in lockdown'

    I was delighted to be included in local press at the launch of my new business. While the 2020 lockdown has mostly negative connotations, for me (like many others), lockdown has also brought opportunity.