Hi, I'm Judy

I love colour, contrast and bold patterns. I love creating something out of nothing. I love the escapism and freedom that creating art provides, and I love being able to do something I'm passionate about and motivated by every day.

Artist Painting Abstract Flowers Floral Hibiscus Colourful Studio Judy Century Art

Drawing, crafting and creating has always been a big part of me. My mum will often say that the noise of a busy cellotape dispenser defines my childhood, as I beavered away designing new creations. All cardboard, plastic, wrapping paper... anything remotely worth saving, was under strict orders to be kept so that I could turn everyday objects into something more creative. Growing up I spent most of my spare time doing something art-related; drawing, painting and crafting, and I studied Art at A-level. But after much deliberation, I decided not to pursue it further academically as I feared it would end up being a chore rather than something I choose and enjoy doing.

So, I kept the artistic side of me as a hobby and embarked on a mainstream university path, followed by a career in the corporate world, running transformation projects for large organisations. While I loved the buzz of delivering organisational change with great teams of people, and enjoyed applying my organisational and people skills to make things happen, I started to feel that I had quashed my creative side more than I'd imagined would happen. There is only so much design you can add into a set of PowerPoint slides! That, and having 2 kids also didn't help in finding time, headspace or focus to sit and draw, paint, or create, but either way, I began to miss that part of me and could feel it itching to get out again.

Tiger Coloured Pencil Drawing Studio Easel Judy Century Art Artist 

Then, in 2020, lockdown happened. I found myself on furlough, a word I've never used before, but would say almost daily from then on, and I had more time and energy to devote to my hobby (in between parenting and home schooling, of course).

I was quite excited; the planner and organiser in me means that I find it hard to switch off, whereas art allows me to truly escape, to lose control and to create. I started to think...what if?

And I decided to give it a 'proper' go. 

Painting Iris Field Landscape Abstract Colourful vibrant Judy Century Art

I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy creating it and will follow me on my new adventure.



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