SEPTEMBER 2023: Samaritans Fundraiser 'Samarivans'

SEPTEMBER 2023: Samaritans Fundraiser 'Samarivans'

Over 170 artists and celebrities took part in a charity fundraiser for the Samaritans, painting their own version of a 'Samarivan' camper van for auction. The 'Samarivans' were displayed at Arkley Fine Art in Hitchin and auctioned on eBay to raise vital funds. I created a van linked to one of my favourite paintings, complete with an abstract background and abstract rose patterned van. My vision is that it represents hope blooming, something I think the Samaritans provide for many individuals. I was so pleased to contribute to such a worthy cause and do my bit in raising £37.5k for charity.

 Judy Century Samarivan Painting for Samaritans Charity fundraiser ebay auction snapshot

Judy Century Samaritan charity fundraiser painting


Arkley Fine Art displaying Samaritan charity fundraiser painting including judy Century


Samaritans painting fundraiser total

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