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Arrival (18x24cm)

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Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Judy Century

18(l) x 24(h) x 1.5(w) cm


One of the most splendid and joyful spring arrivals has to be the Magnolia tree. Once a year, for a short-lived time, they burst into abundant bloom. They are so elegant and delicate with a flush of pink and white flowers. 

This is a characterful, small painting with vibrant pinks and stark whites, set against a luscious deep green background. It's elegant and dainty and tells a story.


All original paintings are hand signed on the front, with their title and size written on the back. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity.  I finish my paintings with a protective layer of satin varnish. The varnish protects and enhances the painting and ensures the colours do not fade over time.

Please note that the colours you see on your screen may be slightly different to the final artwork. Original artwork may also be sold as prints.